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Santa Rosa High School Guidance Office  Scholarships
          Scholarship is available for pick up in the counselors office

Guidance Office Announcements

If you need to visit with the guidance counselor about grades or other matters please come by after lunch or make an appointment.


  1. SENIORS - Check your email regularly for scholarships or college information.If you have not given me an email please come by and you will receive important college and/or graduation information.
  2. FAFSA information can be found at:
  3. Transcripts Requests – If you need a transcript please fill out the form and submit it to the guidance office.
  4. Boys & Girls State – If you’re interested in participating in Boys or Girls State please stop by my office for more information or check your email.
  5. Letters of Recommendation – If you need a letter of recommendation please give the person at least two weeks to complete, do not give it to them one day before your scholarship is due, thank you!
  6. Next Step Plans – Students if you have not completed your next plan for last year please come by and make an appointment to meet with me and your parents or have your parents contact my office and setup an appointment.
  7. Accuplacer – Students we will be testing for the Accuplacer. If you would like to take the Accuplacer please come by and I will put you on a list to take the exam and I will test when I have at least four signed up.If you need a study guide please visit the school website or come by my office to pick one up.
  8. Resume – If you need a template High School Resume please email the guidance counselor and it will be sent to you or here is the Word Template.
  9. Study Guides – Students if you need any type of study guide please email me and request one and I will email it to you.
  10. Tutoring Literacy Team provides tutoring after school in the High School Library, contact Mrs.West for more information.


Current Scholarships Available: 

Local Scholarships

Rudolfo Anaya

Garden Club

Catholic Daughters

Steve Copeland Memorial

Chris "Funky" Marquez Memorial

Methodist Church Scholarship

Robert "Boo Boo" Zamora Memorial

Liberty Lodge #51 Scholarship

New Mexicare Scholarship

Billy Garnand Memorial

Powderhorn Cattle Women Scholarship



Regional Scholarships

Luna Community College

Dona Ana Community College

Clovis Community College

Central New Mexico Community College



Other Scholarship Sites